Top Quality Micro Fiber Pillow Filling
  • Seller Nantong Luolai Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.
  • Min. Order 1 Set/Sets
  • FOB Price US $1-5000 /Set

Item Details

Port: according to our offer
Supply Ability: 4 Set/Sets per Month
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union

Product Description

Product Description

Quality assurance:

1.The domestic advanced production equipment and improve the detection means.
2.Our company has 17 years of experience in chemical fiber production.
3.We have three advanced production lines and about 200 skilled workers.

Installation and Adjustment

1、Machine should be operated by specially-assigned person who understands performance, structure and principle

of machine.

2、Put product which needs to be filled to outlet, then open the motor power. When you step on the foot pedal and floor,

cotton fiber is filling into product. After it is full, you should release the pedal and take off product.

3、If machine is used separately, it should be operated by two persons. A person put quantified cotton fiber into feeding


4、In order to avoid accident, it is strictly prohibited to put hands on outlet before every rotating part is stopped.

5、You should pay attention to observation port of cylinder, if there is any fiber, it should be removed in time to prevent

from blocking.

Installation and Adjustment:

1、This machine is installed as long as the choice of a greater than or equal to three square meters of the ground can be (without anchor screws).

Before starting, check all the rotating parts and bolts if there is a loose, fall off phenomenon. In the sprocket, gear and other drive part of the right amount of oil. To determine steering, start the motor, due to tooth and started running speed is higher, to be tooth and to normal operation, uniform feeding. Parking must be standby before all the raw materials, and then cut off the power supply.

2、In the conveyor belt feed, the inverted switch has been installed. If there is an accident or due to obstruction of feeding caused by too much, can immediately stop or reverse.

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Q1.What’s your products range?

A:Our product includes recycled and virgin grade,siliconized and non-siliconized staple fiber as well as flame retardant fiber and low melting fiber.

Q2.What is it used for?

A:Our fiber is widely used in soft toys,furniture,home textile industries,non-woven and outdoor Sleeping bag filling.

Q3.Where is your factory location?

A:We locates in China.

Q4.Can you offer the free sample?

A:Certainly,sample free.

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