Six Heads Automatic Fruit Juice Fill
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Product Description

Six-heads Automatic fruit juice fill machine

Main use:

The machine is widely used for automatic filling fruit juice and other semi-liquids or granule.

Main features and performance:

  1. The filling machine employs plunger type to measure the filling quantity and linear type to feed bottles, integrated with the electric and pneumatic components which are world- renowned brands of low failure rate, stable performance and long service life;
  2. The filling machine is controlled by PLC along with touch screen with high precision, tight structure and excellent appearance;
  3. Photosensor, approximate switch and other elements are products of international famous brand which can make sure no filling when no bottle and automatically control the filling level;
  4. The charging basket shares the functions of automatic control of feeding material and stirring; the filling head is equipped with a leakage-proof device to make sure no drip when filling;
  5. The plunger and sealing element are made from PTEF which is corrosion-resistant, damage-resistant and high temperature resistant. It can be used for filling materials under 95 degrees;
  6. Due to its strong adaptability and convenient adjustment, this machine can fill different types of bottles without changing any components;
  7. The frame and body of machine are made of high-quality stainless steel and food grade plastics with good appearance, easy cleanliness and corrosion resisting, in conformity with GMP standards.

Main technical parameters:



Filling heads


Filling range

20-100ml,50-200ml, 100-500ml, 300-1000m, 500-2000ml

Filling speed

20-70 bots/min (100-500ml )


Pressure : 220V/50HZ Power : 250W

Filling precision

Above (within)±1.5%

Air source


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