Personal Care Pigment Treatment Elight Hair
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Product Description

Personal Care Pigment Treatment Elight Hair Removal IPL Salon Beauty Machine (A7A)


1. IPL+ E-Light + RF Multi-functional Beauty Machine
2. Hair removal / Wrinkle removal / Skin rejuvenation

3. Pigmentation Removal / Vascular Removal
4. IPL RF skin tightening
5. Promotes the skin elasticity
6. Skin tightening / Acne removal
7. Telangiectasis therapy
8. Face lifting / Skin whitening


1) Malfunction probability reduced to minimum order of magnitude via upgraded design of Electrical and Mechanical structure;

2) Much safer operation and more convenient trouble shooting ensured with latest realtime self-detection system;

3) Auto-identify changeable filters design reaches to the world's top level;

4) International standard design and workmanship;

5) Multi-language operation system;

6) Distributor auto-identify function enhances distribution network management;

7) Wireless IC card Management System & Tenancy Management System facilitate Lease Trade.


· Release IPL and RF at the same time, for the light power is much less than that in IPL so under the condition of not hurting epidermis tissue, more energy is absorbed by benign vascular and pigmented lesions and at the same time stimulate the growth of collagen promote skin elasticity;

· Simulate the growth of collagen while overcome side effect of IPL treatment (IPL and Laser): not enough energy penetrating depth and possible pigmentation by melanin, so we can acclaim RFis a perfect usage on dermal collagen growth. Firstly the collagen shrinks when heat works caused by RF works on collagen fibrous layer, which makes the skin tighten and wrinkles on face. Then the heat transmitted on dermal layer stimulate new collagen growth to repair aged and damaged collagen layer;

· E-light is absorbed by ance target and release oxygen ions to kill ance bacteria, while remove pigmentation and smooth ance scar.

Technical Specifications:




8-inch TFT Chromatic Touch Screen

2 kinds of handpieces

1) Elight handpiece with changeable auto-identify filters:

Filters whole set: 420nm / 490nm / 530nm / 560nm /

610nm / 690nm~1200nm;

Spot size: 40mm×8mm

2) IPL handpiece with fixed filter:


Spot Size: 50mm×10mm

Handpiece connection

Fast connected

Radio Frequency Technical Parameters

RF energy level

1-9 (adjustable)

RF power


RF frequency


Number of RF Pulse:1

Pulse width scope: 250~450ms, each press changes10ms

Energy level: 0~10,each press changes1

Delay of continual irradiance: 1~3s (adjustable), each press changes 0.5s

IPL Technical Parameters

IPL energy level

15-50 (adjustable),each press changes1

IPL power


IPL Pulses: 6 respectively adjustable pluses

Pulse width: 0~10ms, each press changes 0.1ms

Pulse Delay scope: 0~100ms,each press changes1ms

Energy level: 0~50

Delay of continual irradiance: 1~3s, each press changes 0.5s

5 skin types and 3 hair types treatment parameters

50,000 shots or 100,000 shots limitation for handpiece lifetime (Optional)

Electrical Parameters

Unexpected electricity


Class I, Type B

Rated input power


Power supply

AC220V±10%,50Hz±1Hz /


Size and Weight

Net weight of Host


Weight of each handpiece


Weight of package


Physical dimension of Host


Physical dimension of Package